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Routing calls to unassigned numbers using TAC or Powershell!

What's new on microsoft Teams world , we can now manage calls for unassigned numbers ( as we did for Skype for business telephony) , we can create and manage rules to specify how to route unassigned numbers .

Call to unassigned numbers are matched against routing rules using match patterns in the evaluation order you specify.

When a match is found ; the call will be routed based on the matched rule :

we can choose the type of rule we want in this case :

Advanced Setup using Regex , Number Starting or ending with , Phone number range , or a single number

Using PowerShell :

To route calls to an unassigned number, use the New/Get/Set/Remove-CsTeamsUnassignedNumberTreatment cmdlet available in Teams PowerShell module 2.5.1 or later.

You need to specify the called number or range of numbers and the associated routing for calls to these numbers. For example, the following command specifies that all calls to the number +33123456789 will be routed to the resource account representing for my example my main AA.

this will give us :

and as a result is TAC :

Note That :

  • If routing to an announcement, the audio file will be played once to the caller.

  • To route calls to unassigned Microsoft Calling Plan subscriber numbers, your tenant needs to have available Communications Credits.

  • To route calls to unassigned Microsoft Calling Plan service numbers, your tenant needs to have at least one Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account license.

  • The custom audio file supported formats are WAV (uncompressed, linear PCM with 8/16/32-bit depth in mono or stereo), WMA (mono only), and MP3. The audio file content cannot be more than 5 MB.

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