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Voice Enabled Channels in Teams V2 and setting up authorized users

First of all , we wil be testing voice enabled channels in teams V2 , and particularly this version :

for a test purpose , we have configured a call queue with a external phone number , a ressource account. we have also created a channel with two members in it and affected it in the call answering part of the call queue :

Scrolling to Testing channel in our Teams :

We have a new tab called " Calls" added to our new channel :

Trying successfully to call the PSTN number of the call queue , we can see the history of our call queue calls updated:

Now that this is working , let's configure our voice App policy and affect it to Adele Vance :

once connected to powershell :

we can get the configuration in powershell lines:

we have activated every attribute for test purposes.

we now can affect this policy to our user :

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