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New !! Microsoft Teams Devices Store in Teams Admin Center

The device store in the Teams admin center lets you browse, purchase, and provision devices certified for Microsoft Teams.

To use the devices store in the Teams admin center, go to Devices > Store.

To use the device store, you must be a Global admin or a Teams admin.

Currently the store is only available for the admins & organizations United States and Canada. The Store offers exclusive deals compared to any store/partner. Microsoft Store is exclusive, and it is powered by Unified Communications (Microsoft Device Partner) for the services :

The device store includes all devices that are certified for Teams, including headsets, web cameras, and Teams devices such as Teams Rooms, desk phones, and Teams displays. You can sort, filter, or search to find the device that your organization needs:

And there is more like MTR !

You can view the order history by going to Store > Order history, which includes all orders placed by you and other admins in the organization. Order history also includes the shipping status of your orders. For questions about order tracking, returns, or refunds, contact Their contact information is available on the Order history page.

Orders placed in the Teams device store and any data associated with them are classified as tenant orders and tenant data.

to be continued //

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