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Get Familiar with Graph API !

First step you need to do is Install the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK :

Run the following command to install the SDK in PowerShell Core or Windows PowerShell:

After the installation is completed, you can verify the installed version with the following command :

You can update the SDK and all of its dependencies using the following command :

Using Find-MgGraphCommand to find required permissions , for this example for Get-MgUser :

Use the Connect-MgGraph command to sign in with the required scopes. You'll need to sign in with an admin account to consent to the required scopes :

you can locate the signed-in user and get their user ID. You'll need that to use as a parameter to the other commands you'll use later. Start by running the following command:

Now use the user's ID as a parameter to the Get-MgUserJoinedTeam command :

List the user's joined teams :

We can do a lot of cool things with Graph API ..

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