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Error "Cannot find specified Gateway"

As we go deploying Microsoft Teams direct routing for our client , we may encounter a lot of errors , either on Admin center , or even on PowerShell .

in this article we will talk about this error :

This is how you should add you domain to be able to find it as a Gateway for your direct routing calls :

  1. Add the SBC FQDN as a domain in Microsofte 365 Admin Centre, and complete verification

  2. Put a user account in the newly added domain

  3. Assign a license to the user account to activate the domain (E.g. Business Basic or E1, or above) + Phone system License , or you can just put a E5 license.

  4. You wait… I have seen the domain finish being activated in about half an hour but this step can take up to 24 hours

  5. You come back to create the PSTN gatway by running New-CsOnlinePSTNGateway cmdlet

  6. It should work if you have put the correct name of your domain .

That being said , when you see that specific error , don't panic , and go back to your domains , then to the user created verifying that specific domain , be sure that you have affected the license ( app service of telephony should be there) otherwise it won't work , and you will be obliged to open a MS case support .

This is the article from Microsoft (It's a link , don't be shy click on it :) ) :

This is the scenario i came across this morning , i hope it will help you .

If you have this problem , feel free to contact me , and i will gladly help you find the root cause of your incident .

Have a sweet day !

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