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Call Answering Rules Settings for MS Teams Admin

This is a very important part of the user configuration part for any client , wanting to be able to Configure the group call pickup, delegation, simultaneous ringing, and call forwarding settings.

Microsoft teams is now giving administrators the possibility to configure without any access to user account , his Call Answering rules , either for immediately forwarding calls , or Unanswered calls for an exact delay time .

beside the possibility of doing it in the admin teams center graphically , MS TEAMS admin can configure it using PowerShell command : Set-CsUserCallingSettings .

This cmdlet will set the call forwarding, simultaneous ringing and call group settings for the specified user.

Syntax for forwarding configuration :


-Identity <String>

-IsForwardingEnabled <Boolean>

-ForwardingType <String>

[-ForwardingTarget <String>]

-ForwardingTargetType <String>


Syntax for Unanswered calls :


-Identity <String>

-IsUnansweredEnabled <Boolean>

[-UnansweredTarget <String>]

-UnansweredTargetType <String>

-UnansweredDelay <String>


When specifying settings you need to specify all settings with a settings grouping, for instance, you can't just change a forwarding target. Instead, you need to start by getting the current settings, making the necessary changes, and then setting/writing all settings within the settings group.

For instance as an example , you can transfer unanswered calls to a Voice Application such as a call queue or an AutoAttendant by using this piece of PowerShell code , and apply it for a Bulk of users :

$count =1

foreach($user in $teamsusers){



$RA_id = (Get-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity

set-CsUserCallingSettings -Identity $user.SipAddress -IsUnansweredEnabled $true -UnansweredTargetType SingleTarget -UnansweredTarget $RA_id -UnansweredDelay 00:00:20

'user number is:'


' the sip adress of the account migrated is:'

get-CsUserCallingSettings -Identity $user.SipAddress

$count +=1

if($count -eq 'number of users')





Note that : this will not be visible at the admin center teams , but doing a get-CsUserCallingSettings -Identity will give you the outcome showing that your configuration is enabled

this outcome is showing that the transfer is enabled , the target is a Single target and not a group , the delay is 20 second , and the Target is the Application Instance of the AutoAttendant .

This Configuration is tested , up and running .

To be continued ...

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